July 6, 2018

With the support of the University of the Pacific and Valley Vision, I am excited to release the Workforce Development Action Plan: The Need for Transformation. My hope is that the report captures the catalytic opportunity that Stockton has to capitalize on its economic future. The embodying Skills PACT is a call to action for how we move towards a transformative vision for our people and the city’s workforce.


The ground is shifting underneath the feet of our residents who are struggling to keep up. This report synthesizes some of the economic and human capital challenges that our community has grappled with - including relatively low levels of higher education attainment, and the changing nature of relevant skills needed to acquire and retain middle-wage jobs.


But more importantly, this report does not dwell on the past. Rather, it presents a plan for the future - whereby Stockton reinvents itself based on where it wants to go. It sets out a common language and framework for how to think about putting Stockton on a different

economic trajectory altogether. We can start to do this by doubling down on educational investments in our young people, and recognizing that workforce services must adapt to the changing face of work. In particular, entrepreneurship and technology are reshaping the skills required to be competitive. I believe that our community will rise to the occasion. Alongside the support of diverse stakeholders and a willingness to experiment with new ideas, I believe that Stockton can be a trailblazer for city-based economic and social innovation. In the following pages, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on how your organization may wish to engage with, and commit to putting the Skills PACT into action. We welcome your thoughts and your active participation in continuing to reinvent Stockton for the future.






Mayor Michael D. Tubbs

City of Stockton

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