April 18, 2018

Above sits an empty lot on Airport Way. To the right is a model drawing of what the proposed STAND project would look like.

Not to be lost in the excitement of the Kings announcement at tonight’s city council meeting, we also voted unanimously, to sell a property owned by the city to a non-profit called STAND.

About two years ago, the city requested proposals from parties interested in developing city owned properties located at 2222 and 2224 South Airport Way. The area has seen its share of challenges. For several years, these vacant lots remained undeveloped and an eyesore for the surrounding community.

STAND's detailed proposal can be found below.

Among the groups that applied, STAND’s proposal was selected by a city process that is independent of influence of the council. We use this process for proposals that the city receives. The non-profit STAND has a track record of improving the community. Since 1990, STAND has worked to fight against slumlords, organize community events, help to clean up blight, eliminate graffiti, repair public structures, provide healthy food options and organize community health clinics among other efforts. They built 20 houses from the ground up, created 85 safe rental units, and helped with over 210 livable homes for our residents

Now STAND is set to tackle a great need in the community. They aim to build a mix use community project which will include a health clinic, a grocery store, and mixed use affordable housing. This project will take many years and faces a great deal of challenges. However, based on STAND’s record of success, I believe they will be able to take on and this challenge.

STAND is working to finance this project which will cost over $41 million dollars. The city is also contributing a fraction of the cost by selling property we own for one dollar to STAND. If in 5 years there is no development, then the city is able to take back for a property for one dollar.


By allowing STAND to purchase at this price, we are demonstrating that we believe in this community and we hope to show other funders and groups that the city is serious about seeing this transformational project grow and become a model of success in our city. I believe that our unanimous council vote tonight is a powerful statement of support. #reinventStockton

Click here to read the South Stockton Redevelopment Plan

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