Citylab Case Study:


This case study, by Citylab, provides an assessment of Stockton’s environment for fostering innovation-based economic development, along with a set of programmatic recommendations for city stakeholders. It focuses on the foundational building blocks that can help the city leverage its strengths and local assets to grow innovative businesses from within. To read the full report click here.


The Need for Transformation:


The Office of the Mayor partnered with University of the Pacific’s Center for Business and Policy Research (CBPR), and Valley Vision to study needs and opportunities in the Stockton area. This was completed with a vision to create a plan for aligning and enhancing workforce skills. The effort was initiated under the premise that too many of Stockton’s residents are employed in lower wage positions with limited growth potential. There exists a divide between the skills that are needed by employers in a technologically innovating job market and those held by the current workforce. To foster prosperity and a thriving community, our area is in need of an even more capable workforce and skills development system that allows for upward mobility and the emergence of new opportunities. Click here to learn more.

Kiva Partnership: 

Mayor Tubbs partnered with Kiva, a crowdfunding non-profit that provides loans to business owners and entrepreneurs. Individuals from across the globe can give as little as $25 to help a business or startup idea with funding. Here in Stockton, businesses are starting to join the program:

William Chaddock of Channel Brewing –  $8,000 loan, from 129 Kiva lenders.


Lupita Vializ of Core Prime Interpreting & Translating –  $1,000 loan, from 31 lenders.

Nicole Tobias-Cooks owner of Dulce Vita Bakery -  $3,000 loan, from 61 Kiva lenders.

Business Roundtables

Mayor Tubbs hosted several small business roundtables throughout the year to address local issues facing our small business owners. The first meeting was held at City Hall in partnership with the California Small Business Association.


Stockton SEED $1 million Program Pilot launch

The year 2017 also included the launch of the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration otherwise known as SEED: a basic income demonstration. This is the first Mayor led, Guaranteed Income Pilot program. The program originally started with a $1 million contribution from the Economic Security Project. Since October, the program was successful in securing additional funding in the amount of $250,000.


SEED will provide a select number of families in Stockton $500 a month over the course of several years. We hope this pilot will demonstrate how people can improve their lives with additional economic support and, in the process, place Stockton in a national and international discussion regarding our social safety net.


Both local and national news outlets covered the launch of our SEED pilot. In the coming year, we will fully implement SEED and families will start to receive funds.


Sacramento Bee


The Atlantic

CNN Money



Stockton, like most of the state, is experiencing a significant housing crunch. Over the summer, Stockton was home to the fastest growing rents in the nation. The Mayor, along with the council, worked in 2017 to update the City’s general plan. The focus is to build inward through infill and reduce expanding beyond our current boundaries. Thinking through solutions for housing will continue to be the Mayor’s focus in 2018. The Mayor is working to create an Affordable Housing Taskforce. Recently, Stockton was the focus on a column by Los Angeles Times writer, Stek


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