First open, free to the public State of the City

The Mayor held the first, open to the public, State of the City address in 2017. This event usually costs $40 per individual and most Stockton residents cannot attend. The Mayor delivered his State of the City in an evening event, free to the public, that was hosted by  MC Hammer and held at the University of the Pacific.


Reinvent Stockton

Mayor Michael Tubbs continues his work to improve our local neighborhoods through the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition, which is a cross-sector collaborative of community members, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other community groups. After finding success in South Stockton, the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition is expanding their efforts in health, education, housing, and public safety into other neighborhoods, including midtown and downtown Stockton. As a part of this effort, in the summer of 2017 the Department of Housing and Urban Development along with seven other federal agency representatives visited Stockton and toured the South Stockton Promise Zone to learn more about the work initiated by Reinvent.



Although the bulk of funding for homelessness issues comes through the county, the Mayor is determined that the City will do its part to find solutions. The Mayor led the effort to create a $50,000 mitigation fund to support housing vouchers. In 2017, the City allocated $100,000 of general funds programmed for homelessness towards clean-up efforts. The Mayor along with the council also committed the use of $300,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds aimed towards permanent housing for the homeless. The City also included an additional $607,521 in Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds on a proportionate basis to emergency shelter, homelessness prevention, and rapid re-housing providers.



Attorney General Xavier Becerra, in response to a tweet from the Mayor, paid a visit to Stockton in August. This visit coincided with the national conversation around DACA. Mayor Tubbs supports individuals in the DACA program. The City also passed a Human Right’s resolution earlier in the year, affirming our commitment as a community to our immigrant population.


The Central Valley

Kamala Harris joined Mayor Tubbs in Stockton as part of a daylong summit titled, “The San Joaquin Valley Leadership Conference,” which focused on issues facing the entire valley as outlined in a report titled “California’s San Joaquin Valley, A Region and It’s Children Under Stress.” This event was organized by the office of Mayor Tubbs’ and The Center at Sierra Health Foundation.

City Funding of Golf

In an effort to be fiscally prudent, the Mayor will continue to look for ways to save taxpayer money. The City will need to address the gap in funding needed for capital improvements to our two golf courses. It is estimated that these repairs could run as high as $20 million. The Mayor is open to ideas addressing this funding gap, but does not believe the City should continue to pay for golf.

Read more here: Golf Course Facts

The Status of Women

Mayor Tubbs kicked off the Status of Women Report. The idea was originally developed by his now wife Anna Malaika Nti-Asare Tubbs. Missing from the conversation here in Stockton and the overall San Joaquin valley is the issues facing women. This report will be released in the spring of 2018 will bring the challenges women face to the forefront. The general outline of the report can be found here: State of Women.


Turkey & Toy Drive

The Mayor in partnership with Wells Fargo, The Stockton Emergency Food Bank and the Family Resource and Referral Center, raised funds for turkey donations and a toy drive. Thanks to this partnership, hundreds of families received free turkeys and toys for the holiday season.


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