The Challenges Women Face in Stockton

April 21, 2018

After months of hard work, we are releasing “The Report on the Status of Women 2018.” This report is the culmination of a year of hard work led by my incredible wife, Anna Nti-Asare-Tubbs, and a team of people from all across the city.  I want to particularly thank my colleagues on Council, Councilmember Lenz and Councilmember Lofthus, for their support of this Report and the Status of Women in Stockton summit.


While the data this Report provides is detailed and complex, it stems from two simple questions: What are the issues facing women in Stockton, and how does the status of women in Stockton compare statewide and nationally? Despite the fact that women comprise 51% of our city’s population, we had no way of answering these questions before this report was written.


The results should be troubling for all of us. In many different areas, touching all walks of life, women in Stockton face more hurdles, and suffer worse outcomes, than their sisters in other parts of California and the country as a whole. Women in Stockton are more likely to raise a child by themselves, less likely to go to college, and more likely to suffer from physical abuse than women born elsewhere.   


These statistics might look bleak. But as Anna says in her letter at the beginning of this report “women’s issues are community issues,” and that means solving the problems women face will help all Stocktonians. Thanks to this Report, we now know what needs to be done, and we can begin making the policy changes our city needs. The Report On the Status of Women in Stockton is really the first page in a new chapter for our city - one where we come together, as a community, to use data-driven approaches and craft innovative solutions to some of our most pressing concerns.  As someone raised by a single mother, and an aunt and grandmother, I am proof positive of the importance of supporting, investing in, and elevating the status of women in our community. 


Together we can reinvent Stockton.

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