2018: Year in Review

December 31, 2018

2018 has been an amazing year for the City of Stockton. We had some great times and some challenges, but through it all, we took steps forward to help us continue to #ReinventStockton

Stockton Scholars 


In 2018 we launched our Stockton Scholars initiative, aimed at tripling the number of Stockton students entering and graduating from college. Thanks to a $20 million donation, students can apply to receive a scholarship of up to $1,000 to attend a trade school or junior college and upwards of $4,000 to attend a college or university. Since launching, the program has expanded to include $1 million for qualifying students to attend a University of California institution and an additional $500,000, aimed at assisting students attending college locally at the University of the

Pacific. Stockton Scholars will see our first, full class of scholarships in 2019. Stockton Scholars sends a clear message, if you want to pursue higher education, tuition and fees will not be a barrier.

College Signing Day


The month of May brought with it our 2nd Annual College Signing Day, held at San Joaquin Delta College. Hundreds of students from throughout Stockton participated to announce which college they planned to attend in the fall and to hear our special guest speaker, Daveed Diggs. Diggs is known for his role in several movies including “Blindspotting” and his part in the Broadway hit musical, “Hamilton.”

Reducing Shootings and Homicides


Overall, thanks to a collective effort, from our police, community organizations and the Office of Violence Prevention, homicides for 2018 are down by over 30%. We also increased our total number of police officers to the highest numbers our city has ever seen. With news that homicides increased in 2017, city council, in their very first meeting of the year, approved plans to bring a gun violence reduction program to Stockton known as Advance Peace. This program, which is paid through donations, is underway in our city and will act as an additional tool to help reduce violence in Stockton.

Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration


In 2017, we launched the country’s first city led guaranteed income initiative, known as the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED). In December of 2018, we took the next big step in our process by recruiting households to participate. We sent letters to over 1,000 addresses, in neighborhoods where the median income is at $46,033 or less. In early 2019, the demonstration will start to provide approximately 100 Stockton residents with a

guaranteed income of $500 per month, for 18 months. This program is funded entirely through private donations.

SEED Storytelling


As part of our SEED storytelling process students from Delta College interviewed residents and asked them how $500 a month would impact their lives. The program also partnered with artists to create murals around our downtown.

Stockton Kings


A major announcement in 2018 was news that the Kings organization would move their G-League team from Reno to Stockton. The move would bring jobs and add a new tenant to our downtown arena. The addition of the Kings G-League to our community brings a renewed civic pride that can be felt around our city. On November 2nd, the Stockton King’s kicked off their inaugural season, which included a welcome from Mayor Tubbs and Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé.



We also announced over 2,000 new jobs from Amazon, along with the building of a new fulfillment center facility. The news got even better, when Amazon announced a new starting wage of $15 per hour.

All America City


The summer of 2018 brought even more good news as our city was once again selected as an All America City. The years of victory also include 1999, 2004, 2017 and now - 2018.

Funders Tour


This summer marked our first ever “Funders Tour.” Over 80 representatives from philanthropic organizations toured Stockton for one day to learn about the work we are doing to help reinvent our city. The highlight of the day was a surprise announcement from California’s Chief Service Officer, Karen Baker, notifying us that Stockton would receive $12 million to help support our underserved youth.

Homelessness & Housing


In 2018, our city council collectively approved over $1 million in funding to address homelessness in Stockton. Together with the County Board of Supervisors and other partnering cities, Stockton stepped up to support a new position, a Homeless Czar, a role overseeing countywide efforts to help those living on our streets. We also partnered with Caltrans to hire homeless individuals and pay them to help keep our city clean.  

State of the City Eve


We once again held a special, additional event, opening our State of the City program to the public. Rather than give two speeches in one day, like we did in 2017, this year, we decided to hold our public event on the evening before the our annual State of the City Speech.  

Summer Internship


No summer would be complete without mentioning our intern program. We had a great group of young people from schools as close as our very own University of the Pacific to as far away as New York. Their final project included a group painting in the Sierra Vista Community.

Opportunity Zones & Economic Development


Stockton was recognized in a feature story in the New York Times regarding our efforts to bring investments to our city through a new tax program known as Opportunity Zones. We also released a new Workforce Development Plan aimed at placing Stockton in the best possible position to lure employers and take advantage of our economic strengths.

CityLab Report


When it comes to economic development, our partners from CityLab conducted an assessment of Stockton to identify the key drivers that could foster innovation-based economic development. One clear strength mentioned in the report, our proximity to Silicon Valley.  

Flights from Stockton to LAX


It’s been decades since United Airlines offered flights from Stockton to Los Angeles. One of our biggest announcements came in December when United shared that they would offer flights from Stockton to LAX. This was the second big announcement of the year coming from our airport as earlier in 2018, they announced a grant of $7 million for upgrades and repairs.

Hidden Heroes


This year, city council approved a resolution in support of Hidden Heroes, a program supporting the caregivers of those that proudly serve our country. Together, Mayor Tubbs along with Senator Elizabeth Dole, joined in writing an op-ed in honor of supporting our Veterans.

Vice Mayor Elbert Holman & Councilmember Susan Lofthus


The end of 2018 marked a transition in councilmembers. Both Vice Mayor Holman and Councilmember Lofthus left the council in 2018. The city is better because of the work they accomplished. Vice Mayor Holman wrote about his 40 years of public service in an op-ed published in the Record.

Donations for Camp Fire Victims


After the worst wildfire in state history greatly damaged the town of Paradise, California, several community leaders joined together in an effort called Stockton Helps Paradise to encourage residents to donate to Camp Fire victims. Stocktonians stepped up and collectively raised tens of thousands of dollars to support our neighbors to the north. We’ve had some inspiring stories, such as Dino Ballin, owner of Pomp Hair salon in Lincoln Center, who purchased a food truck to travel to Butte County to serve over 2,000 hamburgers and hot dogs to victims and firefighters. 

Students from Edison High School also hosted a supply drive asking for materials, such as shoes, clothes and school supplies.

The Status of Women Report

The year 2018 also marked the release of a 100-page, first-of-its-kind, report titled the “Report on the Status of Women in Stockton.” This comprehensive report highlights how women in Stockton are doing on a number of key indicators, including employment, educational attainment, health, and personal safety. The study was spearheaded by Anna Nti-Asare-Tubbs, first partner of Mayor Tubbs.

General Plan 2040

Over the past couple of years we engaged in a public process that has produced the most progressive and forward thinking general plan our city has ever seen.  This General Plan focuses on downtown and infill development, reduces our sphere of influence and changes the designation of the land north of 8 mile from “village” to education and enterprise zone - meaning that it can only be developed for something transformative like a California State University or a significant job generator.

Stockton City Center

A great new place for our youth was opened in 2018, known as the Lord’s Gym City Center. This 30,000 square foot gym offers free memberships to our youth. City Center is more than just a gym, young people can learn key academic skills, socialize with positive peers and find a safe place away from the streets of Stockton.

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